Work with realtors you trust.

Our Inhouse Lending services are designed for your advantage, the borrower. We are a direct lender offering a wide range of cutting-edge loan origination programs. Our services are especially designed to eliminate the middleman and offer you the best results in your quest of obtaining your home. So Skip the mortgage brokers and go direct!
We do not work with the general public; we work directly with Wall Street and will provide the most competitive advantageous loans to meet your individual needs.

No doubt, realtors are the best people to offer you the best quality in your search, and that’s why we are committed in working directly with the realtors who will offer you the best service in every aspect. The First King Team has passed the strict criteria in ethics and experience and we are pleased to have them as an affiliate working on your behalf. We are a direct lender and only work with realtors who have proven to us their abilities to educate you, the consumer, and who have a proven track record of achieving superior results for their clients.

Our mission is to match each of our clients with the right loan—one that takes into account individual needs and lifestyles, not just the rate and terms. Then we facilitate the mortgage process, exploring all the possible options, offering advice and guidance. We assist our clients throughout the process, from beginning to end, to ensure that each loan closes on time—and without any surprises.

Along with the power and high standards of the First King Team, we offer a team of the brightest and most rigorously trained professionals in the mortgage industry. Our team stays keenly attuned to the latest trends in housing, current financing options and competitive rates. But most importantly, we are dedicated to making sure that every loan, every client, receives nothing less than the full King Teams experience—integrity, honesty, safety, guidance and exceptional personal service.



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