Giving Back

Niki’s passion to connect with people is evident in every area of her life. At home she’s a loving and enthusiastic friend and mother. As a caring community member she makes an impact through her volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, Midnight Mission, Working Wardrobes, Gerson Cancer Institute, CASA and various other charities. Growing up in foster care, Niki really understands the need to “give back” as her mentors always instructed her to do. Niki helps mentor young women in various areas of their lives helping them realize they too can overcome life’s many obstacles and challenges just as she did; all it takes is ONE person to reach out and care!

Niki King, along with her entire staff are very concerned with our world, our environment and our impact on it. They are continuing to educate themselves on green living, green building and helping in any way they can across the globe.


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