Certified Residential Specialist - To fill the specific residential needs of home buyer and sellers, the Residential Sales Council of the National Association of REALTORS® instituted a class of expert real estate professional: the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS®).  Every CRS has undergone a rigorous, specialized course of detailed training, aimed at making residential transactions as smooth and worry free as possible. 

A CRS brings special qualifications to your needs: 

  • Membership in a local Board, State Association, and the National Association of REALTORS®.  Every CRS is part of a much larger network of real estate professionals.
  • Successful completion of the courses leading to the Certified Residential Specialist designation one of the most successful residential real estate education programs in the country. Every CRS is a real estate professional equipped with special expertise, thanks to advanced study in listing, selling, investment, tax and more.
  • A history of demonstrated sales performance through the documented execution of residential sales transactions. 

If anything about your transaction is special, seek out a specialist. It's as simple as that. Only 4% of all REALTORS® and REALTOR ASSOCIATES® have earned the right to be called a CRS*.  Only 4% have developed special residential sales skills and enhanced their resident sales knowledge through study, dedication and experience.  A CRS will optimize your transaction by identifying better prospects, by clarifying investment potential, and by helping you understand tax ramifications.  It all adds up to one thing: better service. 

Less than 4% of all the real estate licensees nationwide are Certified Residential Specialists.

Council of Residential Specialists
The CRS® Designation, awarded by the Council of Residential Specialists, is the highest professional designation awarded to REALTORS® in the residential sales field. Less than 4% of all REALTORS® hold the CRS® Designation.

There are over one million REALTORS® in business today. So if you want to find that one-in-a-million REALTOR ® , start with the over 37,000 who hold the Certified Residential Specialist Designation. CRS is the symbol of excellence in residential real estate. Our members have proven they have the experience, training and commitment to be among the best in their profession.

Certified International Property Specialist - The CIPS designation is awarded by NAR. It requires a combination of CIPS courses, international real estate experience, personal resume and elective credits that can include a combination of formal education, language ability, other designations, committee service and international organization activities.  CIPS courses leading to the Certified International Property Specialist designation provide instruction on: international economies, capital flow and history of foreign capital, currency, economic and social factors in capital investment, market assessment techniques, trends and forecasts, U.S. Tax Laws, tax treaties, state/local regulations, cultural differences, foreign client expectations, transaction problems, etc. 

The five required core courses leading to the designation are: 
1.  Essentials of International Real Estate 
2.  Asia Pacific and International Real Estate 
3.  The Americas and International Real Estate 
4.  Europe and International Real Estate 
5.  International Investment and Financial Analysis

Every day, real estate professionals facilitate transactions with clients overseas, or with multicultural clients in their own communities.  Yet only 1500+ REALTORS® from around the world have earned the right to use the professional designation CIPS after their name.  Those who have become Certified International Property Specialist designees have fulfilled the program requirements (academic and/or experiential) administered by NAR's International Operations Division. 85% of CIPS designees have 10 years or more experience in real estate, while 35% have more than 20 years experience.  CIPS designees represent dozens of countries and languages. More than 30% of CIPS designees were either born outside the U.S. or are now living outside U.S. borders. Local community and business organizations, including Chambers of Commerce and REALTOR® associations, rely on CIPS designees as international resources of expertise in today's global marketplace. CIPS designees have several exclusive networking events throughout the year. 

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