What Is A Certified Distressed Property Expert?

Eighty-five percent of homeownersexperiencing financial distress say their first contact will be to a licensed agent.  Yet,  fewer than 1 percent of agents consider themselves foreclosure or distressed property experts.  The First King Team   have taken the time and money to invest in the education necessary to allow them to help people in this most difficult and stressful situation.

Foreclosure is a devastating financial and emotional process for a homeowner to go through, and in many cases they do so alone and without guidance of any kind, and therefore never recover financially.

While experiencing financial distress is difficult for any family, the process of finding a real estate professional shouldn't be.  Selecting a CDPE agent ensures you are dealing with a professional ready to address your needs.

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Who should handle our short sale?
The most important thing to consider when deciding to work out a short sale with your lender is to use a qualified professional to handle the process and negotiations. If the processor is not experienced in the short sale process, the deal can be over before it begins.
A professional Real Estate agent will need to list your home on the market as the first step. Be sure they are aware you are attempting a short sale, and that they have experience working with short sales or experience working with a loss mitigator. The best scenario is to work with a Certified Distress Property Expert  handle the short sale since they have the experience and contacts to deal with the lenders and think about this, “You would not want a real estate agent who did not have the highest designations and experience to learn “On The Job on your home” would you?  To get the best representation, you should only work with a Realtor who also has the CRS designation to ensure you are getting the best care possible.

What is the short sale process?
Your Certified Distress Property Expert will explain the process and prepare your hardship package. They know upfront exactly what the lender will require when submitting your offer, and will be prepared fully to negotiate on your behalf.
Your home is listed by an experienced short sale real estate agent, who prices the home according to market value yet being aggressive in price reductions if no offers are submitted by buyers. Remember, the goal is to bring in a quick offer and to prevent you from going into foreclosure.
Once an offer is received, an entire package is presented to the lender, and the negotiations begin.

Will the lender always accept a short sale offer?
Unfortunately,  not always. However, the more complete and detailed the short sale package submitted to the lender, the better the chances of getting an approval. The key is a good Short Sale Realtor who has the required CDPE and CRS designations listing the property, a qualified and very experienced short sale negotiator with a team of experts to handle each and every obstacle which could be encountered. 
Did you know that many employers are requiring credit checks for all job applicants? A foreclosure is one of the most detrimental credit items an applicant can have and in most cases will present a challenge to employment.
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Doing a short sale is always a better solution than a Foreclosure !!!
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