Preparing Your Home to Look it's Best!
Home staging - inside and outside.

Get your home ready to sell!
Read our tips for interior and exterior home staging.
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The time, effort and financial investment involved will give you the edge needed to sell your home. Our suggestion is to pretend you are a buyer. How would you judge the condition of your home?

First Impressions - The exterior of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. Use this list to make sure your home's exterior looks its best:

  • Exterior paint should be in good condition (no peeling, fading) on house, garage, gutters, outbuildings, decks, fences and gates. The front door should be in good condition.
  • Repair driveway and walkway cracks or uneven surfaces. Fill in missing mortar between bricks or stones.
  • Doors and gates in working condition, latch and lock properly.
  • Fix cracked windows and torn screens. Polish doorknobs, clean ironwork, repair ornamentation (shutters, spindles, columns, etc), clean windows and screens.
  • Doorbell and all exterior lights in good working order.
  • Remove debris. Neatly store trash cans, toys and garden equipment.
  • Lawn should be well cut and neatly trimmed. Repair dead grass or fill in holes. Trim trees, removing dead branches. Flower beds weeded and freshly planted.
  • Clean pool, spa, fountains, waterfalls.
  • Clean up children's and animal's toys and debris.
  • Improve the visual appeal and emotional comfort by staging your patio furniture in an attractive way. Place containers of flowers to add color.

Interior Impressions - Interior dirt and clutter can divert a potential buyer's attention from the fine points your home has to offer. Our most common suggestion to sellers is to remove unnecessary items and furniture to make a home feel more spacious. Pack it up - you're moving! Many sellers get a storage unit (or two) to facilitate the removal of items from the home, garage and outbuildings. Here are some helpful tips for the inside of your home:

  • Walls and woodwork clean. Wallpaper problem areas repaired.
  • Windows, curtains, drapes, blinds, ceiling fans and shutters should be clean and operational.
  • Flooring should be clean. Remove excess area rugs (potential trip hazard).
  • Clean and unclutter closets, boxing and removing items where possible.
  • Doors and windows operate, lock and latch properly. Polish doorknobs.
  • Smoke detectors installed and in operating condition.
  • Light fixtures and bulbs in working condition. Adequate lighting is important.
  • Stair banisters tightened and steps free of objects.
  • Bathrooms clean, uncluttered. Tub and shower caulking repaired. Put away excess toiletries. Remove prescription drugs and valuable cosmetics. Display fresh towels.
  • Kitchen clean including stove and oven. Remove items from countertops.
  • Remove small objects that may be accidentally picked up by children.
  • Remove collectibles and excess family pictures. Put away all jewelry, valuables (perhaps remove to safe location such as safe deposit box).
  • Organize closets, shelves and drawers to display spaciousness.
  • Repair leaking plumbing fixtures.
  • Eliminate household odors (especially pet odors). Keep trashcans out of sight, clear of excess trash. Make sure trash cans are odor-free.
  • Basement, attic and garage should be clean and organized.
  • Clean fireplace ashes. Neatly stack firewood.
  • Remove excess furniture to make a room more spacious and ease the flow of traffic.
  • Arrange care for pets while property is being shown. It is disruptive and upsetting to household pets to have unknown people on the property.


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